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Tampa Bay named boob sweat capital of the U.S.

The Tampa Bay area is home to many titles. We’ve got some good ones, Best beaches, best resorts, and some less than stellar like most depressed. But this week we take on a title we have truly earned, most boob sweat.

That’s right! Tampa Bay is now ranked #1 in the nation for sweaty fucking titties. Mayor Jane Castor of Tampa couldn’t be more proud and she knows a good set of knockers.

“What can I say? We’re proud. Our ladies are out here wearing bras, camisoles, shirts, business blazers and jackets. We generate more boob sweat per capita than we have strip clubs! And we have a lot of fucking strip clubs.” Said Mayor Castor in an interview at the only muffs forum at the Radisson last week.

I know a lot of women hate wearing bras, myself included but take heart ladies of Tampa Bay! We did it, we’re #1!

Katy Style

About Katy Style

Originally from Oklahoma, Katy Style has been a resident of Tampa Bay for 14 years. Katy is the proud mother of an 11 year old boy. When Katy isn’t telling jokes her mother hates she spends her time at the beach or pushing paper at her day job with the University of South Florida.