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What Wearing A Mask In Public Says About You

What wearing a mask in public says about you

Studies show that people who are wearing a mask in Florida, can’t breathe.

It seems like a lot of people around the country can’t breathe for a variety of reasons. 

Should we be forcing people into not breathing by wearing a mask in heavily air-conditioned buildings? 

Stores that force customers to wear a mask might as well be forcing their knee onto the back of their necks.

Should we be letting stores get away with this hideous infringement on personal rights?

There are too many reasons why people around Tampa Bay can’t breathe right now.  So many in fact that we can’t even list the variety of things that are taking our breath away. 

If you are wearing a mask in public, it says a lot about you.  We aren’t going to tell you what it says because you should be doing your own research. 

Take this time to research what it says about you, because we did, and we know what is wrong with it, but do you know what is wrong with wearing a mask in public? Because I’m not going to sit here and type it out for you.

Instead, here is a video of Rick Scott pleading the fifth 75 times during a sworn testimony concerning his unethical and fraudulent business practices: