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Tampa company combines holiday party and team-building exercise

Employees of Associated Business Associates, a business associated with business in downtown Tampa, were treated to a murder mystery team-building exercise as part of the company’s annual holiday luncheon. 

“All right, you all have to work together as a unit to solve this mystery while you eat your slice of cheese pizza with choice of one soft drink each,” said HR manager Nicole Hoodwink. “Normally we would split you all up into smaller groups but we need to have all of this wrapped up within the half hour allotted for these two activities.”

“Good afternoon everyone. I am very sorry to announce that someone, a man named Vic Timm, has been found murdered! Oh no! Who could possibly be the culprit? It’s up to YOU to decipher the various fiendishly clever clues and solve this heinous crime. The game… is afoot,” intoned a local actor who introduced herself as a character named Killy McMurderface.

“I’m gonna say it was you”, replied Robin from accounts payable. 

“Are you sure about that?” asked the only actor there, whose character’s name was Didden Dooit.

“Uh, yeah,” said Jay from accounts receivable. “We’re sure. What the fuck.”

“Drat, you caught me! I was sure I could get away with it. What a clever team of sleuths you are,” said the first actor as she and her co-star bowed deeply. “I was told to remind all of you that you’re responsible for clean-up when you’re done eating because there’s a two o’clock in here.”

Clark Brooks

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