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Tampa Company Looking for Contractor to Build $100 Million Sweatshop

Gibsonton Tiny Hands Crafted Goods – Hillsborough County – Monday 4.29.2019

One of Tampa’s most profitable manufacturers is looking to grow out of their current location in a big way.

“This is going to be the biggest sweatshop Florida has ever seen,” says Michael Longpill, owner and operator of the Gibsonton Tiny Hands Crafted Goods.

Longpill currently operates his shop from a trailer in the back of a used car lot. “We are the leading manufacturer of phone popsockets in Tampa, handcrafted with the tiniest hands I can employ,” he said to me in a very serious matter-of-fact way.

While child labor laws have made it illegal to employ children, Longpill was able to find some of the kids that were separated from their families at the Mexican border and had them shipped to Gibsonton where they work 14-hour days in exchange for food and shelter.

“This is the most profitable business I run, and we are ready to go big,” Longpill held his arms out really wide to signify how big he was ready to go. He then pulled out the blueprints to his $100 million factory plans.

“As you can see there are nets to catch kids that try to escape,” he said while pointing out the designs of the building that was inspired by his research into private prisons around the country as well as a number of elements taken directly from Foxconn. “This will be the most state of the art sweatshop in the world, all I need now is for more of those kids to get separated from those families and I’m golden.”

Longpill is asking for assistance in finding illegal immigrant children who are looking for jobs with nearly no pay, as well as contractor to help build his facility on the down low.

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