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Tampa man immediately modifies recently purchased used car

Used Car

Upon completion of the purchase of a 2012 Hyundai Accent from Johnny Barnes Jr. of Town and Country, Tampa’s Kevin Castillo immediately began removing a memorial tribute to Barnes’ deceased father, upsetting him in the process.

Castillo found the car advertised on Craigslist Tuesday and went over to purchase it for the listed price of $1100.00. After handing Jones a cashier’s check he got from Amscot, Castillo pulled out a razor and said, “First things first, that shit is coming off,” gesturing to a decal on the rear window that read, ‘In Loving Memory Of My Father Johnnie Barnes Sr. – June 5, 1952 – December 4, 2014 – Always In My Heart’.

“Maybe always in your heart, but not on my car window any more,” said Castillo.

“I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t wait to remove that tribute to my dad,” said Barnes. “The car was still sitting in my damn driveway!”

Barnes was appalled. He offered to take $100 off the price if Castillo left the decal intact. Castillo considered the offer briefly before replying, “Hmm… nah” and resumed scraping the letters away.

“The check was already filled out,” said Castillo, shrugging.

Castillo defended his actions, saying, “Look, I’m sorry for his loss or whatever but I don’t know Johnnie Barnes Sr. so I kind of really don’t care about celebrating him and his life. And why do I want to potentially draw attention from the gangbangers who murdered him? They might think we were friends and the next thing you know, I’m the victim of a drive-by too!”

“My father wasn’t killed in a drive-by and there were no gangbangers!” said Barnes. “He had a stroke.”

“My bad. I just assumed,” said Castillo, placing a brand-new University of South Florida “GO BULLS” football sticker on his new car’s freshly uncluttered rear window.

Clark Brooks

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