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Tampa Man Scared ‘Medicare for All’ will make him poor

Tampa General Hospital – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 7.11.19

A local Tampa man was scared today after reading on a fake news website that ‘Medicare for All’ would make him poor.

“I got that internet thing as part of a package deal with my cable company,” said Doug Barr, “I only trust what my TV says to me, and I regurgitate what I hear through my speaker as an opinion to my social media friends.”

I was met with resistance when I tried to explain that there is more to life than what you see on the television or read on the internet.

“The fact of the matter is, facts don’t matter. Stats matter, and statistically speaking I don’t know how numbers work.” Barr then got very angry and began calling me a libtard cuck.

Did you know that in this year alone:

If you type ‘stats for 2019‘ into Google, you will get MLB scores.

“I did my research,” said Josh Santos, man who did not do research for this article and is making all of this up.

Why is everyone in America always getting sick? Why does it cost so much to be healthy and eat non-GMO food?

Why do we pay so much in taxes for Medicare and Social Security, but when we get sick we go into debt?

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