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Tampa Movie Theatre to add sense of feel to viewing experience

Movie Theatre adding sense of feel to movies

The Touchery – Hillsborough County – Thursday, 7.4.19

A Tampa movie theater is adding the sense of feel to your movie experience. The Touchery has trained their employees to help you feel the movie. 

In an effort to help the community, the theater is hiring non-violent felons from the nearest private prison.

Private prison inmates will be making sure you enjoy your experience during such films as Basic Instinct, Apocalypse Now, Striptease, and There’s Something about Mary. 

Inmate-employees will be working towards movie time, with 80 hours of touching movie goers giving them the opportunity to watch one film with a runtime of 95 minutes or less.

The French CEO, Creepe LaGuy has said that, “We’re only a short time away from actual Smell-o-vision.”

When asked why he was paying private prisons to force prisoners into unnecessarily cruel work, LaGuy said, “This company is going out of its way to make sure the consumer gets the most authentic experience, also they are non-violent so it is okay.”

The Touchery specializes in classic film reruns with humans embedded into the seats with cues to touch you at certain points in the movie.

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