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Due to circumstances beyond our control, tomorrow night’s Tampa News Force Live! show will now take place on the following Wednesday, August 30 at 8pm. Previously purchased tickets are valid for the new date; no need to exchange or refund)

You know what you almost never see? Parades on 7th Avenue in Ybor City. So weird, right?

In order to rectify this glaring shortcoming, they’re having one on the 23rd. 

Yes, a parade. 

On a Wednesday night. 

Because that’s when people want to attend parades. 

On Wednesday nights.

“But wait a minute,” you say. “That’s the fourth Wednesday of the month. Isn’t that the night when the next TNF Live show was scheduled? And won’t it be pretty much impossible for anybody to get to an 8pm show at a theatre on 7th Avenue when 7th Avenue will be closed between 3pm and 10pm? Wouldn’t it make more sense to postpone it for one week and have the show on the 30th at 8pm?”


So this month, TNF Live is on the FIFTH Wednesday, August 30 at 8pm. This means we have an extra week to be even funnier. Of course, by that logic it would mean September’s show, which is still on for September 27th, would be one week less funny. So it’s best not to think about it. 

Tampa News Force Live
Wednesday August 30 @ 8pm

Tickets for the 23rd will be honored, no need to exchange or refund.