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Tampa News Force to launch journalism program at Bishop Sycamore High School

Venerable media outlet and bastion of journalistic integrity Tampa News Force (TNF) has announced the sponsorship of a new journalism program at prestigious Bishop Sycamore High School in Columbus, Ohio.

Ricky ‘Rick’ Kwotemark, TNF Director of Educational Outreach said, “It is truly an honor and a privilege to partner with a legitimate academic institution and nationally recognized athletic powerhouse that may or may not actually exist, like Bishop Sycamore.”

“In spite of accusations from certain critics and competitors of being perpetrators of ‘Fake News’ – we prefer the term ‘alternative current events’ – TNF firmly believes that upholding the standards of great journalistic practices and imparting those integrity-based ideals to the youth of our nation are extremely important”, he said. “A very close distant second to cheap publicity stunts to draw attention to ourselves. That’s why this partnership is such a good and natural fit.”


He added, “Bishop Sycamore has already furnished us a roster of interested scholastic applicants and it looks very promising in that some-to-many of them could be real living people and not just a list of names tossed together in order to present a totally legit profile as part of some bigger scam being run by what is currently a ‘non-chartered, non-tax supported school’ not recognized by the Ohio Department of Education whose physical address is listed as a recreation center in Columbus. Yep, we feel pretty good about it.”

Clark Brooks

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