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Tampa Premium Outlets Opens All-You-Can-Steal Store

Tampa Premium Outlets Opens All You Can Steal Stuff Store

To attract new shoppers to the unexciting Tampa Premium Outlet mall, a brand new shopping experience is opening up that mall owners hope will leave guest running back for more.

“We got tired of shutting everything down in hopes of catching thieves,” said mall security guard and co-owner of the outlet mall, Wryngo Shtrar. “We figured the next best thing we could do was open up a space where people can let out their thieving without harming others.”

‘The Steal Store’ includes items from every store in the mall that have gone unsold for many months and might as well be stolen. 

“It’s a win-win situation really,” said Shtrar. “Thieves get that dopamine fix from stealing something and our employees get to experience some action and drama in their normally uneventful lives.” 

While everything in the new store is meant to be stolen, employees will be equipped with brooms and will stalk guest around the isles, ultimately chasing them out when their hands are full of stuff.

“It’s a lot of fun, this is much better than working at Hooters,” says Folopia Tuben. “I still work there, but I get to take out my aggression from those customers on the guest that come to this store.”

The store is currently open and ready for all to come in and enjoy it.