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Tampa Surgeon Regrets These Five Surgeries

Tampa Surgeon Regrets these surgeries

Dr. Rey Atrocito is Tampa’s most highly regarded plastic surgeon.  In a career that has spanned four decades, Dr. Atrocito has performed countless augmentations, lifts, and injections to some of the richest and most powerful people in the World who travel for his work. 

We sat down with Dr. Atrocito to count down his five worst, most regretful surgeries that he does not recommend and doesn’t want to perform again.

5. Elbow extension

First Successful Elbow Extension Surgery

“It was a bad idea to begin with, considering they could only afford to extend their left elbow.  I told them that if the surgery went bad then at least they would still have their writing hand intact.  Surgery was fine and they went on to become a great tennis player, but it blew out and they sued me.”

4. Neck Extension

Long Neck Kid

“I think this was an internet fad at one point because this kid was begging his mom for a neck extension, I personally only believe in doing it the natural way with the Southeast Asian neck rings, but they paid good money and I couldn’t say no at the time.” 

3. Child Penis Enlargement

Long Neck Kid

“This was the same kid that got the neck extension, I couldn’t believe that the mom was asking me to make her son’s pecker bigger.  Personally, I believe in letting a child’s penis grow naturally with time, or again, using those Southeast Asian neck rings. First, he wants the long neck, then the long shaft? I really didn’t want to do this surgery, but they paid me a lot of money, and I really couldn’t say no at the time.”

2. Replacing a guy’s eyes with lightbulbs

What if Humans Had Lighbulbs Instead of Eyes?

“I thought this one was going to be cooler than how it actually turned out, my buddy had lost both his eyes in a motorcycle accident and we were kidding around with what we could replace them with.  The end result was horrifying to say the least, they were functional and some of the wirings came loose and I watched as he fried himself to death messing around with the light switch.” 

1. Sewing my wife’s mouth shut

“This was my first wife, and she dared me to do it.  I told her to shut her yapper or I would do it for her, and the next thing I know I blacked out and woke up sewing her mouth shut.  I spent some time in the county for that one, but I learned a lot from it.  I regret it, but it did make me a stronger person when she forgave me years later.  I want people to learn from my mistakes, and I think in this world we live in, we don’t talk about the hard things we went through to get to where we are.  Every profession has a side that is not so glamorous, and I feel like we should all share with each other more.”

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