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Sacred Geometry just a bunch of gay numbers

Sacred Geometry

I went to check out all that sacred geometry bullsh*t that everybody is always talking about and it was just a bunch of stupid numbers. Who cares?

So everything in life can be broken down mathematically and that’s where binary comes from, and all matter is just tiny particles floating around and colliding and this sacred geometry can help us unlock life’s secrets? Who gives a sh*t!

A Fibonacci sequence can be found in nature and “holds some sort of secret meaning?” Big woop! Crock of sh*t, for sure.

It means nothing! Everything is nothing! They’ll tell you themselves, they’ll say, “All we know is that we don’t know anything.” And you go, “Great, jackass! Who gives a flying f*ck!”

Math, numbers, letters-worth-value, some might call them. It’s just one more way to brainwash you and keep you in the matrix. You can’t fall for their stupid games if you never learn numbers. 

Think about that. They control you with numbers, and letter, and words, just don’t learn any of those things, and they can’t win! “They want to control your thoughts,” Don’t have thoughts! Don’t think! It’s really that easy.

Everybody’s always complaining, “They’re coming for my this, they’re coming for my that.” Stop having things! They can’t take things from you if you don’t have anything, and they can’t control you if you have no means of control. 

It’s like the movie Tokyo Drift.

“When you’re out of control, that’s when you’re in control.”

If you don’t know your next move they can’t predict it.

Predictive text is programming your thoughts.

If I don’t know what I’m going to do, they can’t either.

Don’t own possessions, don’t learn language or math, just go through life instinctually and you will be free.

Everything else is just trying to complicate the facts.

And the facts are that you cannot be controlled if you have no handle on anything.

That’s why they always say, “Get a handle on it.”

So that “they” can grab it!

They wan’t to know where your handle is!

Now this is the part of the article where I want to remind you that this is all a joke.

I don’t believe any of these things I’m saying, and normally I wouldn’t feel the need to write that, but with sensitive subjects, I can acknowledge that my writing and comprehension skills are genius level. I’m an absolute literary genius, and there’s no other way to cut that. There’s no other terms more honest and concise than I, John, am truly a transcendent talent on a level that no other human has ever achieved.

And because my acting and writing skills are so good, that’s why I feel the need to break the stream and tell you that I’m joking. Go learn numbers and math and language and whatever the hell else you want to do. Nobody can control anything you do no matter what. If you think they can then they can, if you don’t think they can, they can’t. And I might just be writing that because I saw a very effective Taco Bell commercial earlier that influenced my subconscious against my will, but I also might not be doing this for that reason which I refuse to reiterate.

The point is. Math is gay and you are gay but also that’s not a bad thing, and “quantumality” is not a word, but it’s what popped into my head when I thought how best to describe this.

Everything can exist all at once, it’s like that movie.

Tokyo Drift.

It’s his first day at school and he’s able to end up in a street race, despite not speaking their language or owning a car. You can have everything despite having nothing. You decide when you get to race drift king using a borrowed car from an Internationally wanted felon. It doesn’t matter where it comes from in the moment. Sure down the line you could wrestle with some morality issues of whether it’s wrong to steal hundreds of millions of dollars from a bank vault in Rio, Brazil. The cops were corrupt! They were stealing from corrupt people! Does that make you corrupt too? It’s against the law, is that a bar for how we measure our piety? I don’t have the answer. Or I do and I don’t know it. Or I do and I know it but I don’t want to share it. Or I will share the answer with you right now. The answer is, “You People” starring Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy came out yesterday and I watched it.

And when I say yesterday I mean the day before I wrote this, not the day before it was published. I don’t know when it will be published, I don’t do that part. 

The point was there’s no definitive answer and that every answer is right and wrong at the same time. Quanumality.

It’s like when your teacher said “there’s no stupid questions.” There’s also no stupid answers. Because stupid is a man-made construct. Forrest Gump was like a genius and people called him stupid. They don’t know. Nobody knows. Only we know. Everybody knows. Get it? Ant Man: Quantumania.

Joke that didn’t make it into the article: I looked back on the physical note I wrote reminding me to write this, and I saw an original joke I left out which was I was going to call math gay because math makes me think and my girlfriend is always thinking, so thinking is a feminine quality, and I don’t want to be a chick, you know, because I’m a man, so the fact that numbers makes me think makes it gay, which is how I justified calling sacred geometry gay. Ta da!

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