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Tinder Hack: Forces Girls to Super Like You

Super Like

This new Tinder hack is changing the dating game by forcing all girls who view your profile to automatically super like you! By downloading a series of apps and having them run at the same time, it trips the Tinder application code causing a malfunction which makes the girl super like the guy.

First you’re going to need to download the Tampa News Force app and have that running at all times. Once it’s been running in the background on your phone for 15 days now you’re going to need to download the cash app. Once you have the cash app you’re going to send $50 to $jj91396. After you do that and the payment has been received I will send you what the third app is you need running to began having girls super like you. It’s worked for everyone else and I can prove it to you, once you send that $50!

(This is another SEO test, we just wrote the headline to see if it appears on google searches and increases traffic. It’s a dirty game we play but that’s journalism now right? Before it was reporting the truth now it’s making sure our cat gif sells big on the NFT market. God I remember being a little boy on my longboard paper route where I would weave back and fort across the hilly streets of San Francisco, tossing one rolled up newspaper after the other onto the front steps of countless beautiful homes. Not anymore. Now I surf the web for anti-vax chat on right-wing reddit forums. What has become of me? Am I real, or are you? Are neither of us real? Technically nothing can be proved outside of our own existences. If I’m dead that means you’re dead too!) (Sorry my cat walked across the keyboard for the last few sentences I apologize if anything written seemed unhinged, it’s the damn cat. Can’t even afford to get my cat his own room, it’s me and zesto every night on the couch. Ugh.)) 

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