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TNF agrees with Rick Scott!

Rick Scott Go Bucs

In a pretty much unprecedented occurrence, Tampa News Force actually agrees wholeheartedly with the sentiment expressed by Florida Senator Rick Scott yesterday on Twitter…

Yes absolutely! Go Bucs!!

We agreed with it because we at Tampa News Force are huge, unabashed, dedicated supporters of our World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, just as we are of all Tampa Bay Area teams and other institutions. Championships make people happy and we love when our neighbors and colleagues are happy. The success of winning teams reflects positively on us all and brings the community together in a common pursuit.

Of course, none of that is what Rick Scott’s Tweet is about…

Oh. Of course.

The only reason Scott threw his support behind the Buccaneers was in response to First Lady Jill Biden expressing support for HER hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles. Because Scott is a shameless panderer who spends most of his time advancing a narrative of hatred and intolerance toward not only every single facet of the Biden administration, but against anyone who identifies as a Democrat. He doesn’t really care about the Buccaneers or their fans, residents of Tampa Bay. None of them. If Jill Biden had Tweeted “Go Phillies,” Scott would have responded “Go Mets,” in spite of the fact that it isn’t even baseball season. He’s a high-profile internet troll who is all about representing one “side” and it’s not conservatives or Republicans, it’s Rick Scott.

That’s where we part ways on this issue; Tampa News Force wants everyone to enjoy Tom Brady and his teammates in their pursuit of defending their championship.

However, we also agree with him on this…

This is an obvious and transparent attempt to ingratiate himself with Black voters and we certainly wouldn’t mind having more Black readers, so we’re kind of on the same page on this one. Although, unlike Rick Scott, we’re not actively supporting voter suppression, which is pretty much the opposite of honoring the legacy of Dr. King in any way whatsoever, so no, not really.

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