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Fart Jar Store Opens in Hyde Park


To cater to wealthy patrons in the Hyde Park area of South Tampa, one business owner has decided to switch gears on their business plan.

“We originally only sold decorative paper products and supplies,” said Gas Source owner, Wallen McFarfellow.  “I was tired of having to buy all this stuff to sell at a markup when I could be selling my farts in jars.”

Customers usually frequented McFarfellows store for quirky gifts and custom stationery.

“Selling farts in jars was always my dream,” Said McFarfellows as they led me around the store. “I woke up last week and decided to light all the paper products on fire and I haven’t looked back since.”

As part of the rebrand, Gas Source will no longer carry any other product that is not jarred farts.

“I don’t want customers to get confused when they come in here and want something that is not my farts,” McFarfellows added.

The jars range from small 8 oz mason jars to 3-gallon jugs, McFarfellows also says that they hope that there they/them pronouns will help them reach a broader market. 

“In this woke climate, you have to appeal to everybody and I feel like my farts can bring people together.” McFarfellows then excused themselves to the back room to fill up some more jars.

Josh Santos

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  1. Avatar Chris Humpherys on January 17, 2022 at 3:50 pm

    I’ve been there.

    The place stinks.