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TNF celebrates posting of 1000th article: this one

1000 Posts

Watergate. The Challenger Disaster. 9/11.
Tampa News Force wasn’t there to cover any of those stories. Mostly because all those things happened a long time ago and also none of them happened in the Tampa Bay Area anyway, so they probably didn’t really affect anyone who lives here too much. We don’t know; like we said, we weren’t around yet.

But we’re here now. Starting with nothing but a simple seed of what many considered a crazy and stupid dream, some good old-fashioned American “can-do-even-though-there’s-no-good-reason-to” spirit and $33 million in financing from a shady cabal with suspected but as-yet-unproven ties to the baby food black market, Tampa News Force is here to serve you with the kind of journalism nobody asked for.

And sure, all of that money is long gone with nothing tangible to show for it, but what remains are all the articles published over the years, exactly 1,000 of them as of the publication of this one you’re reading right now.

We could not have reached this significant milestone of milestonian significance without the contributing writers who contributed writing and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the overachieving achievers that helped us achieve this achievement…
Ashley Dieudonne, Bobby Kady, Cannzana Stockwil, Cara Millburg, Chingy Lopez, Chris Coon, Chris Whitener, Clark Brooks, Crunch Cardwell, David Wayne, Dr. Ringo Khan, James Maphis, Jarrett Moore, John J Murray, John Jacobs, Jon Griffiths, Joshua Santos, Katy Style, Kevin Taylor, Kyle Ruse, Lauren Lance, Leon DePatie, LeRoy Alaways, Liam C. Merio-Hull, Luke McDermott, Maggie Hyde, Marie Williams, Matt Williams, Michael Jochims, Mike Peters, Mike Rigo, Nate Roscoe, Phil Robbins, Rafiq Shaheen, Roger Hughes, Roger Nelson, Sean Harper, Shannon Kelly, ShellieH, Stephen Henry, Taylor Cuzino and Willie Harris.

And an extra special Thank You to Senator Rick Scott. We’d be at least 30 or 40 articles short of 1,000 if not for the inspiration provided by your malevolent buffoonery.