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Cuties to play at Tampa Theatre

Cuties at Tampa Theatre

In a controversial move, the Tampa theatre will be showing the movie “Cuties” A film that has sparked international outrage over the sexualization of young girls.

“We just wanted to remind people that we still existed” said Tampa theatre Head of content Curation Moe V.

“Ever since Covid we haven’t been able to show films or do anything, so we thought it would be funny and also a statement to play the movie ‘Cuties’ to an empty audience, you know to kind of suggest that no one should see this movie” V said while touching his finger to his nose.

“Don’t get us wrong, we think the film should not have been made and we do not support portraying young girls in an adult sexually provocative way, we just wanted to pull a publicity stunt because honestly we were bored and lonely and we want you to remember that good movies still exist and it’s a shame we can’t share them with you, but we promise once the industry is up and running again we will bring nothing but the finest cinema to the people of Tampa.” V said before tipping his cap, clapping his hands twice, then climbing a rope-ladder that unfurled from the mezzanine.

No one will be allowed to view the movie in person however you can still buy tickets to the movie to directly support the theatre and own a piece of conscious performance art through a movie ticket souvenir. The movie will be playing three times every night until there’s a vaccine for COVID-19.

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