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TNF Hacked!

Tampa News Force does not like you

Tampa News Force has been hacked by unknown persons posting rude and lewd things which do not line up with he morals of the Tampa News Force organization. They’ve said things that we would never say, because while we write satire, there is a line, and we consciously choose not to cross it. That line is respect.

We would never disrespect our readers in any way.

Until we are able to identify the hack within the system, there may be more posts, and we apologize in advance for not being able to stop it’s posting. Please click headlines with caution and be wary of articles that appear too good to be true, because that may be the exact case.

Any sort of coupons, instructions, do not trust them. Unfortunately we are forced to live with this cyber virus for the moment, as it’s not fully understand how the posts could be coming from within our own system without any unusual sign-ins or anything, it’s a new kind of malware I’m told that can create AI-generated posts that come across as a mean, bitter, failed-comedian/journalist. No idea how this is possible, but again, we apologize for the dust until the kinks are worked out. Please continue to enjoy our light-hearted positive content!

John Jacobs

About John Jacobs

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