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TNF Restaurant review: all food matters!

Here at Tampa News Force, the thing for which we’re most well-known is our reviews of fine dining establishments in the Tampa Bay Area. And while we love ALL the restaurants in the area equally, we do have our preferences and we’re aware that a review from us can make or break a place. With that in mind we want to put Barefoot Billy’s Friendly Tavern in the spotlight.

This dime-a-dozen trash hole may be “friendly” but it clearly isn’t for everyone, which isn’t exactly the same thing as being exclusive, or elegant or even halfway decent. Since I’ve never been there and will likely never set foot in the place, even if it doesn’t close forever in the next few days, all I can do is assume that it’s a typically terrible Florida “beach bar” dump.

I mean, look at it.

But if things are ever less than satisfactory, owner Bill Geary pledges to personally address problems in an aggressive fashion. “Give me a tank with & unlimited fuel & ammunition”, he said, for real on Facebook, along with all the other quotes I’m attributing to him in this article because he’s a real person who actually said these things, seriously. “With a Gatlin gun. & I will wipe out all of the indignities.”

Mr. Geary has many years of life experience that aids him in running Barefoot Billy’s Friendly Tavern, which is located at 3120 W. Gandy in Tampa. “I am 60 years old.”

He went on talk about what he’s witnessed during his life, presumably talking about what happens in the ol’ bar and restaurant biz and not issuing threats of bodily harm. “Seen this every 5-7 years”, he says. “If I Die so be it.. I just want to wipe out the as many as I can !!” And suddenly, I was pretty sure he wasn’t talking about the ol’ bar and restaurant biz.

“Hey Mr Trump..Please start shorting Real Bulletts”, he said, horribly. “Shoot between the eyes..Kill them all !! Time to cull the herd..”

Suddenly, I’m not hungry and Bill Geary, who owns Barefoot Billy’s Friendly Tavern at 3120 W. Gandy won’t shut up. “Kill them all & let God sort them out”, he said parroting something that self-styled badasses who are actually huge pussies in real life say all the time. I asked him to sum up Barefoot Billy’s Friendly Tavern and himself in one word and he said, “Disgusting”. So there you go.

Make plans to visit Barefoot Billy’s Friendly Tavern at 3120 W. Gandy soon because it’s liable to not be there for long.

Clark Brooks

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