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Top 5 Most Essential Service Providers


About a year ago, we were all really appreciative of people who worked in certain sectors providing services to us. So much so, that we deemed them ESSENTIAL. Now that things seem to be returning to “normal”, it looks like we’re taking them for granted again. This post is intended to direct the spotlight back to them, where it belongs. Thank you, heroes!

5. Firefighters

We’ve never really not appreciated these fine people, but we’ve never really appreciated them enough. They go into burning buildings on purpose to save us and our stuff. And they do this because they want to! Think about how insane that is. Especially when you consider how worthless you and your stuff are.

4. Healthcare Professionals

The pandemic started and we all said, “SAVE US, SAVE US!!” and they said, “Okay.” Then somebody started some stupid shit about how it was all a scam designed to rip us off. Doctors, nurses, orderlies and everybody else in the industry, instead of saying “well, fuck all y’all then”, which is what most of us would have done, just kept busting their asses to save us.

3. Law Enforcement Officials

Hoo boy, these folks have been taking literal and figurative beatings because they have some real knuckleheads among their ranks. That sucks for the majority of them whose reputations are unfairly tainted by association. Hopefully, some kind of meaningful reform, including a re-allocation of funding to allow for better screening and training procedures, is adapted soon so the knuckleheads are weeded out and good, effective resources are made more readily available to the competent professionals who comprise the majority because they definitely provide essential service.

2. Fooders

Remember that brief period, like two weeks, when we genuinely appreciated all the hard-working people in the food service industry? We didn’t look down on them as failures that couldn’t get a job outside of an industry we outgrew after college. There was even talk of paying them decent, livable wages for once. Then a couple of UberEats didn’t bring the fucking onion rings we ordered – yeah, like we need fucking onion rings – and that was all over and we went right back to referring to them derisively as ‘burger flippers’. We should go back to treating them nicely.

1. Your Mom

Ho ho! Get it? “Your mom”? “Service”? “Provider”? Get it??
I don’t think you do.
She’s a wonderful lady. She loves you and is very proud of you. All she wants is the very best for you. And you express your gratitude by begrudgingly carting her off to Olive Garden once a year. Pathetic. You should be more appreciative of her. Your mom is awesome.

Clark Brooks

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