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Top Places to Get an Emergency Abortion in Florida

Thanks to the passage of Florida’s new ban on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, a group of abortion rights activists have released a list of the best places for women to go if they are seeking an emergency abortion procedure.

Ron DeSantis’ House

The current governor lives in the beautiful Governor’s Mansion in Tallahassee, FL.  This 30-room, 15,000-square-foot estate is the perfect place to have an emergency abortion, because it’s big, so lots of rooms to have an abortion in.

Marco Rubio’s House

Florida Senator, Marco Rubio lives in a modest home located near West Miami, in an easily accessible neighborhood where Rubio has personally said he will allow anybody who needs an abortion to do it in his living room, preferably with one of his many wire coat hangars.

Rick Scott’s House

Situated in Naples, FL’s exclusive Port Royal community, Former Governor, Current Florida Senator, and Self-Proclaimed Devourer of Aborted Fetus has set up a 24/7 emergency abortion drop box at his home located at 3150 Gordon Dr, Naples, FL.  When Scott is home, he will usually post a message on his social media when he’s hungry and seeking to feed his insatiable appetite for aborted human flesh.

Matt Gaetz’s House

The controversial congressman who represents Florida’s 1st congressional district has permitted any woman under 18 years of age to come to his home where he will personally administer abortion pills he keeps in a jar near his bedside table.  Anyone over the age of 18 seeking an emergency abortion is not allowed anywhere near the many properties around Florida owned by his parents.

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