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Trans ableist micro aggression triggers Taylor Swift fans


Swifties are up in arms after a Trans woman committed an ableist micro aggression in the comment section of Taylor Swifts newest music video “Cum Lover” on YouTube.

Comments under the hit new video ranged from praise and love to love and praise and lots of talk about how hard it has been to get tickets to one of Swift’s upcoming concerts, with some making jokes about how tough it is to get tickets.

“I would sell my own teeth for a ticket!” Said one comment.

“I would light my shoes on fire for a seat to her next show!” Said another.

But one comment from trans woman, Melisha Stavors, caused an uproar amongst the Taylor Swift community.

“If I was in a wheelchair, I would stand out of my chair for some Taylor Swift tickets!” Commented Stavros.

The comment was considered a hateful micro aggression drawing critical comments like, “That’s not funny to joke about people in wheelchairs! If you were in a wheelchair you wouldn’t think it was so funny! You deserve to get cancer and die a painful death, I hope you end up in a wheelchair!” Read one comment.

“What made that comment hurt even worse, is it was from my 5th grade teacher.” Said Stavros, who was seemingly unbothered for the most part by the negative attention.

“I’ve gotten death threats, hate mail, nasty telegrams, everything you can think of, people are trying to ruin my life because of my comment.” Stavros shrugged.

“Luckily I’m a tough b*tch.” Laughed Stavros.

“I mean, you’ve got to be, to live the life I live right? And don’t forget, I was originally a man, so obviously I’m mentally tougher than these stupid women.” Laughed Stavros even louder than before.

“Oh, so, you’re like a misogynistic asshole trans person?” I asked Stavros.

“Exactly!” Stavros pointed at me and lit up with a toothy smile.

“Apparently my comment about the wheelchair has made people kill themselves.” Stavros said more serious.

“But that could be a lie, most of the stories about people killing themselves from my comment are people claiming that they killed themselves because of it, and if you actually killed yourself, you wouldn’t be able to comment, sot hat doesn’t really make sense.” Stavros shrugged, and went back to rolling her own cigarettes.

“The real needle in the noggin on this one though, is that I’m one of the few people that actually got a ticket.” Said Stavros, eyes on her cigarette rolling.

“I reached out to Taylor years ago explaining I’m a trans fans, a ‘fran’, us trans fans like to call ourselves, but yea, she reached out and said I could come to any show I wanted to because she was inspired by my story. She even wrote a song about my transition called, “Cum in my little sock pocket’ which was featured on her last album. But the fans don’t care about that. The fans are just focused on the fact that I made a little joke about someone standing up in a wheelchair for some Taylor Swift tickets. The world we live in.” Stavros shrugged again, then brought her newly rolled cigarette up to her mouth, lit it, then began coughing furiously.

“My surgeries compromised my immune system and most-likely I won’t even make it to see the Taylor Swift show.” Stavors got very sad.

“That’s terrible…” I said, and sat with her in a sad moment of silence, processing the fact that she was going to die soon.

“Can I have your ticket then? To the Taylor Swift concert? If you think you’re going to die, you don’t need it right?” I asked.

Stavros, began weeping.

“Shhh, shhh, there, there.” I patted Stavros on her back as she hunched over sobbing.

“Where is the ticket?” I asked.

“I can just grab it and get out of your fake hair if you want me to.” I giggled a little bit.

“It’s over there.” Stavros pointed into an open oven.

“It’s in your oven?” I asked cautiously.

“Yes.” She said sternly.

“Ok.” I said, moving towards the oven.

As I got close, she shoved me into the oven and closed the door.

“You think you can have my Taylor Swift ticket you son of a b*tch!” She yelled at me.

“You’ll die before me you dumb sh*t!” Stavros threatened.

Sitting in the oven as it slowly heated up, suddenly Stavros apartment door burst open and a team of police ran into her home.

“Get on the floor! You’re under arrest for felony micro aggression!” Shouted an officer.

“F*ck you piggy!” Chirped back Stavros, reaching for a taser.

The police opened fire on Stavros, killing her instantly.

“We were going to do that regardless of whether she reached for the taser,” a cop told me as he let me out of the oven.

“She was going to die no matter what happened when we got here, you can’t make micro aggressions like that in a comment section of a music video on YouTube and think you deserve to continue living.” The cop said.

“Can I have the Taylor Swift ticket she was going to use, now that she’s dead?” I asked nicely.

The cop froze, and a look of sheer terror came across his face. He picked his gun up and put it to my head.

“Did you just say… There’s a Taylor Swift ticket in this house?” The cop spoke to me very carefully and articulate.

“Yes… I believe so.” I said.

“That’s what Stavros told me.” I reiterated.

The officer then shot the other policemen who were in the apartment.

“Where is the ticket!” The cop shouted at me.

“I… I think it’s in the oven.” I pointed toward the open oven.

“The cop crawled towards the oven, then I shoved him in, and I DID NOT turn it on. I left it off, I just needed to get away from him. I ran from the apartment as quickly as I could. As I got out, I could hear gunfire coming from inside of the building.

Men in suits were waiting outside of the apartment complex, and they grabbed me.

“We were listening to you through your phone, we heard you say there is a Taylor Swift ticket in there!” A big strong man yelled at me.

“Yes! Yes!” I responded, flustered and scared.

“Where is it!” Another man shouted.

“It’s in the oven I believe!” I said with conviction.

The large group of men in suits, it had to be at least 20, all run past me into the apartment.

I drove home real fast and got in bed and hid under the covers. I’m writing this from under my sheets right now, trying to decompress from the excitement of the events which took place. I was so scared in there. In fact I was so scared, even if I was in a wheelchair, I would’ve gotten up and ran out of that room.

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