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USF to offer course on Misogyny

University of South Florida will now offer a course on how to hate women properly

In an effort to help young men hate women “correctly”, University of South Florida is offering a course in Misogyny. 

“The political climate in the past few years has made it not only easier but necessary to hate women, so a lot of young fellas are already conditioned and proficient,” says professor Jay Dribbler. “But are they doing it correctly? Probably not.”

When asked for clarification he says, “You ask these kids, ‘how can you tell when a woman has an orgasm?’, they don’t know the correct answer is ‘who cares?’ That’s the kind of thing we can refine with this course of studies.”

Dribbler claims that eventually someone is going to figure out how to monetize being an incel and that his students will be among the first to be in position to take advantage of a burgeoning new career field. When I asked him how that would work, he shrugged his shoulders, said, “Like YouTube, I guess?” and took a an uncomfortable-to-watch bite of a banana. 

Kyle Lyle is one of the students taking the class. “Before I signed up for this, all I knew was to call women bitches. There are so many other words, appropriate to various social situations,” he says. “I am killing it in this class and my mom is NOT proud. Like, at all. What a bitch.”

I asked Professor Dribbler if a course that teaches anybody better ways to denigrate people is a good idea, and whether or not this is an extremely slippery slope that could lead to similar advanced hatred classes and he replied, “Life is one big slippery slope. There’s no way to tell what one thing could lead to other things.”

I said, “Sometimes, there kinda is, though.”

He ignored me and asked, “Have you read a newspaper lately?” Before I could answer, he said, “Of course not. Nobody reads newspapers any more. And I think that proves my point.” 

I said that I found it hard to believe that USF would offer such a course and he said, “Oh, USF doesn’t know about it. I teach this class behind the new campus Publix after they close. The guys I teach don’t know it’s not accredited.” 

He continued without being asked, “I’m also not a professor. I didn’t even graduate from high school. I’m in town to try out for the Tampa Bay Vipers and not get laid, so I figured I’d make a little coin on the side while I’m here.”

Clark Brooks

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