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White couple in Tampa Heights loves their African-themed bedding

Duvet set

Todd Ginfey and his live-in girlfriend Rachel Bloorb recently purchased the African American Pretty Girl Duvet Cover Set Queen Size, 3-Piece Bedding Set with Zipper Closure and Corner Ties from for their loft in Tampa Heights.

“I gotta say, this ethnic blanket really helps me sleep better,” said Todd. “Because my conscience is clearer.”

“I just wish we could have bought it at Target, so other shoppers could see what good people we are,” he added.

“I think it’s just so beautiful. Look how pretty this Black girl is; her full lips and mocha skin tone,” said Rachel. “If you look at her from a certain angle, her nostrils don’t even look that far apart!”

While they find the bedding comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, they also appreciate it on a deeper, cultural level.

“Sometimes we lie in bed and watch culturally enriching movies like ‘Jackie Brown’ or ‘The Lion King’ before we go to sleep,” Todd said.

“It’s so important,” agreed Rachel, pretending to be bravely holding back tears.

“I used to think renting a place in a newly-gentrified neighborhood was making a significant contribution to society, because we have to put up with hearing emergency vehicle sirens outside sometimes,” said Todd. “But this is actually far more impactful because I assume some of the $66 we spent on it trickles down eventually to the poor people in some African village who inspired it.”

Clark Brooks

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