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Tampa News Force receives prestigious honor

Twitter Blue

Tampa News Force (TNF), the organization whose web site you are currently reading right this very minute, has been chosen, due to payment submitted, to be among the prominent elite and noteworthy individuals who are members of Twitter Blue.

Twitter Blue is similar to the traditional Twitter platform, only better because it comes with a blue check mark.

That means that no less of a universally respected public figure than Elon Musk himself has personally decreed that, “hey, TNF, you’re cool, sophisticated and truly a legitimate media outlet!” and “we received your payment”.

Everybody wants in on this hot trend but it’s not available to just anyone who doesn’t pay for it or get arbitrarily chosen against their will:

So as you can see TNF is in rare and sophisticated company, which means you should feel pretty good about yourself for supporting us. And if you’re not Following us on Twitter… excuse me, Twitter Blue… go do that immediately!


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