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WUSF to premiere new community affairs show

Florida Mantters

WUSF (89.7 FM), west central Florida’s only National Public Radio station, is introducing a new program, intended to provide meaningful and relevant content that enhances a previously underrepresented local community‚Äôs quality of life.

Beginning next Wednesday at 3:23 in the morning “because that’s when the intended audience seems to be up and doing things”, said JoAnn Urofsky, the station’s General Manager, WUSF will begin airing “Florida Mantters”, a weekly current affairs show that explores the events, ideas, politics and issues that matter to Florida Men and those who are entertained by his antics.

The show will be hosted by Tampa’s own Cletus Cooterman and some topics of discussion will include ‘Activities You Can Do Shirtless’, ‘Aquatic Creatures You Can Mess With’ and ‘Substances You Should Try To Smoke At Least Once’.

“I don’t want to spoil the fun, but the answer to all those questions and most others is almost always ‘any’,” said Cooterman.

The show will also have recurring segments like ‘Face Tattoo Of The Week’, ‘Sports Spotlight: Fields To Run On In The Middle Of A Game’ and ‘Know Your Legal Rights: Never Mind The Child Support You Owe, Tell Us How You Talked A Woman Into Letting You Get Her Pregnant’.

Clark Brooks

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