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Ybor woman yells at guys in hard hats

As the city of Tampa and some surrounding areas continued to operate under a boil water notice that will be in effect until at least Thursday due to a water main being ruptured Monday, the level of tension seems to be rising among some citizens.

Sarah Creamings of Ybor City witnessed a couple of workmen standing idly outside of her condo and took it upon herself to verbally chastise them.

“Hey! Hey, why aren’t you two working on the broken water main??”, she said.

The two men look up at her, then at one another, shrugged and ignored her.

“I’m talking to you slackers! I’m a taxpayer and I’m without services that I pay for, along with your salaries! I can’t even enjoy my daily cup of morning coffee because of you!!”

One of the men replied, “That’s not what’s happening here. I think that’s going on over on 30th street.”

“So get your lazy asses over there and help fix it! The whole city is without coffee-eligible water right now! Let’s go!”

The other man said, “Ma’am, we work for Verizon. We’re here to install a new wireless router for your building.”

“Did you just call me ma’am, you son of a bitch?!?”, she screeched back. “I’m coming down there! If you’re smart, you’ll be gone before I get downstairs!!”

The two men looked at each other, shrugged again and said, “Sounds good”, got in their truck and drove away. “We can just come back later”, said one of them. “Or not”, said the other, causing both of them to laugh.

Levels of outrage over the situation seem to cover a wide spectrum. Denita Gibso, a shift supervisor at Dunkin’ Donuts on Hillsborough Avenue said, “A man came in and ordered coffee this morning. I told him we couldn’t make any due to the water problem and that all we had was bottled beverages. I braced myself for an outburst of wrath and he said, ‘Hmm, okay’ and left. I was shocked. At least I got to deal with one non-psycho today.”

Clark Brooks

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