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10 things your child might like

Happy Kids

  1. Cars

Children like cars, they like to imagine driving them, they make noises when they pretend to drive them. It’s a heavy favorite amongst boys and girls, everyone enjoys transportation-based imagination.

  1. Birds

Kids like animals, birds are specifically intriguing because they can fly so it adds an element of excitement because it can do something we can only dream of, which is the power of self-propelled flight. It’s fun to imagine you can fly.

  1. Candy

Young people enjoy sugary treats. It spikes your blood-sugar and makes you have elevated levels of quick-burst energy, causing kids to jump around and be hyper. They seem to like this a lot.

  1. TV

Youth loves entertainment, and one of the monoliths of consequence-free joy is the television. Consume for hours on end with no comprehension of time or deterioration of health. Everyone loves to stare at the tube, but undeveloped minds are more susceptible, making it harder for them to tear themselves away from the light-spraying device that is the television.

  1. Music

Children love music, they dance to it, they feel the rhythm for the first times in their adolescent lives, they experience vibration within their bodies, and they like to explore the way music makes them happy. Simple rhythms, basic lyrics, easy to repeat things. Young people enjoy vibing to the jams.

  1. Food

All humans love food, children are no exception. They love it. Keeps them alive, keeps them happy and comfortable and sustained. It’s a very powerful, desirable thing that everyone enjoys. 

  1. Money

Kids love money. They lose their mind when they get it. Best moments of their lives. They go, “Yay! Wow! Money!” And they dance around and freak out. If you need a kid to shut up or comply or do their homework or whatever, just wave a few hundreds in front of their faces, they’ll become cooperative very quickly. They list off all the toys and candy they would buy if they have it. They can’t get enough of it.

  1. Praise

Tell young people they’re great. The youth loves flattery. Make them feel secure and valued. If you want your kid to like you just continue to tell them they’re the best no matter what and that’ll probably make them feel safe and happy in dark times knowing that no matter how bad things get this person cares about me unconditionally.

  1. Outer Space

Kids love space. It’s like their imagination. Boundless. Until they learn that it’s actually a firmament or a “dome” internet people would call it. We are trapped in a closed ecosystem which we cannot leave. It’s controlled by an intergalactic federation which decides who has access to pass through the firmament and when. It’s not up to humanity at all. At all. Not in the slightest or least. Completely a different form of life which we can’t relate to at all. Unless we’re enlightened. Then you can. Then you can experience the feeling of being a being which can pass through the firmament.

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