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“Let’s go Brandon” becomes illegal to say in Florida


The political slogan “Let’s go Brandon” popularized by a news reporter who mistakenly identified a “f*** Joe Biden” chant as “let’s go Brandon”, has been made illegal by Florida legislation.

“After the ‘don’t say gay’ bill was passed and we realized we could make words illegal, we decided to go after the phrase ‘let’s go Brandon’ to reduce political tension.” Said Demy Rodriguez, the Democrat chair on the board of superlatives in Florida Congress.

“We’re going to start making any and all words/phrases illegal now that we can censor speech and limit thoughts.” Rodriguez continued.

“It’s only a matter of time before we have everyone congealed in a pink primordial ooze and harvest people’s energy for machine batteries once the metaverse gains popularity.” She said.

“We’re starting by censoring speech, next it will be protesting, and soon everyone will be shackled to a stationary bike like an episode of ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix.” Rodriguez happily daydreamed out loud.

“Yep, we love stealing your freedoms, and I myself am personally an alien hologram which faces no consequences and feels no humanity towards anything. In fact watch this.”

Rodriguez then sliced her own arm off with a beam sword which extended from her wrist.

“I feel nothing and I care for nothing. I do what I was programmed to do and once my job is done, I will be decommissioned and rebooted once a new task is assigned to me. Til then, I continue my mission of ending humanity on earth. I must go back to my job now, thank you for the interview.” She thanked me, before disappearing in front of my eyes.

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