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Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Tampa News Force Presents - Best Boat Rides in Tampa Bay

Florida’s endless canals and rivers allow folks to explore the natural beauty of this state.

That is why today we are counting down the best boat rides in Tampa Bay

5. Alligator Canoe Ride

Alligator Canoe Ride

Renting a canoe from one of Floridas many state parks is the perfect daytime activity for those seeking to connect with the real natives of this land.

4. Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Standing on one of these wanna-be surfboards is like having your own personal boat in the way that riding a skateboard is similar to driving a car.

3. Tubing

Boats are cool, but so is hanging on for dear life while drunk people drag you around their lake

2. Pontoon

Don’t even talk to me about hanging out on a boat unless it’s a pontoon. 

1. Efoil Electric Surfboard

Popularized by Mark Zuckerberg, the Foils efoil electric surfboard is the only way to boat around the Tampa Bay Area, every other way is for poor people.

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