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Best Things to Do on Nebraska Avenue Tampa

Best Things to Don On Nebraska Avenue

5. Drive

The world-famous Nebraska Avenue runs North and South from Lutz to Downtown Tampa, ending abruptly just outside of Channelside. Much of the road is a single lane each way, accompanied by a barrier-free bike lane, occasional bus stops, and merge lanes that can be used to overtake the competition.  Once drivers cross Hillsborough Avenue, a second lane is introduced, turning Nebraska Avenue into a Thunderdome-esque driving experience.  Driving down the narrow two-lane highway will have you feeling like you are seconds away from a head-on collision. Drivers will swerve in and out of lanes trying to avoid slowing down when someone is making a right-hand turn into a parking lot or being held up by a stopped driver making a left-hand turn.

The further north you drive, the more lanes start getting added, encouraging drivers to really gun it whenever possible. Many wonderful murals can be found on this avenue, making it one of the most colorful and fun drives you can have in Tampa. With the way the road is laid out, much of your drive will be spent swerving, so cops won’t even know if you’re driving drunk.

4. Dine

Getting a great meal on Nebraska Avenue should be on the top of every hungry person’s bucket list.  With several late-night spots open 24 hours a day, grabbing a bite to eat whenever you’re hungry on this avenue is as easy as one, two, swerve into Three Coins.

3. Drink

A number of great bars and strip clubs with bars are located on Nebraska Avenue.  Drinking at any of these fine establishments is a must if you are visiting Tampa, or are a local looking for a good time.

2. Drugs

Many of the convenience stores along Nebraska Avenue sell Tunchi, synthetic marijuana that is sometimes called spice. When you buy it, you are encouraged to smoke it immediately along the side of the building and discard the colorful packaging on the ground. This legal drug is a great time for those seeking to become zombies and make new like-minded friends. Friends who want to spend the next few hours unable to move or say anything.

1. Sex

While it may be possible to find prostitutes on other streets in Tampa, no other street has a better reputation for sex in exchange for money than Nebraska Avenue.  Try your luck by driving up and down this road asking people walking around how much it would cost to take them back to the motel room you rented. Bonus points if the motel you go to advertises Color TV and Adult Films.

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