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Best Views and Sounds of Tampa Bay

The Best Sights and Sounds

Tampa is home to some of the world’s best views and noises

So today we are counting down the top sights and sounds in Tampa Bay

5. Downtown/Ybor City Trolley

Hearing the dinging of a trolley bell will let you know you’re on your way to fun town

4. Ybor City Chickens

Racist Janitor

The wild chickens of Ybor City are a nonedible staple of the community

3. Traffic On I-275 

Traffic on I-275

Driving on Tampa’s section of I-275 is like being a part of the world’s largest car show 

2. Karen’s in Soho

Tampa’s South Howard is home to the most women seeking to speak to a manager, per capita

1. Street Preachers

Being told you are sinning and going to hell while you’re on your way to dinner is a rite of passage in these streets.