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Buccaneers Rookie Having Trouble Finding Affordable Apartment

Bucs Rookie

With the first official kick-off of the NFL season upon us, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Rookie is hoping to make a big first impression on the field, but he will be having trouble finding a place to sleep after the game.

“I’ve been couch surfing and sleeping in my 2023 Mercedes Benz AMG for the past couple of months because I can’t find an affordable apartment in Tampa,” said Jamas Podrido, a first-round pick defensive kicker from the University of Potawatomi.

After being drafted by the Buccaneers, Podrido spent all of his salary on the AMG and didn’t have enough to pay the first month and a security deposit on an apartment.

“I should have gotten the apartment before buying this car, but when I was leaving the bank I walked past the dealership and thought I would get to the apartment showing quicker if I bought a car,” cried Podrido.

The Mercedes dealership admitted that they upsold Podrido once they found out he had $450,000 in cash.

“I asked him how much he was willing to spend, and he handed over his entire briefcase full of cash.” Said Roger Strolz, a salesman at Mercedes of Tampa West. “I brought out the car and he drove away in it and left me with the briefcase.”

Podrido says he has never taken a financial literacy class and feels like the Mercedes dealership took advantage of him.

“We didn’t take advantage of him, I thought he was going for a test ride and leaving a briefcase with me but he never came back,” said Strolz.  “I figured it was done deal.”

The Buccaneers have announced that they will not help Podrido find housing because he should have known better.  Podrido says that after the game is done, he will be going to Amscot to see if he can take out a loan.

“I wish I would have gotten my guaranteed salary in smaller segments spread out over time instead of all at once,” said Podrido who was now stranded at a Walmart Parking lot because he can’t afford gas to move the vehicle.  “Thankfully the stadium is just down the road, I just hope they don’t tow it again.”

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