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DeSantis Eager to Block Federal High Speed Rail Plans

Bullet head, bullet train

In 2011, Florida Governor Rick Scott blocked funding for a proposed high-speed rail that would have connected Tampa and Orlando, along with possible routes to Miami and Jacksonville.

Nothing was done to address transportation issues in Florida, and a recent court ruling stopped the usage of $500 million collected from Hillsborough County taxpayers to improve traffic conditions. 

Now the Biden administration has teased trying to start up another high speed rail project in the State that has made it clear, it hates public transportation.

“If Biden calls me up and says he wants to get this done, I’m hanging up on that motherfucker,” said DeSantis during an unhinged 3 AM conference call with reporters.  “I was out drinking with Ricky [Senator Rick Scott] and he said don’t trust him, he’s not the real president and pretty soon Trump is coming back.”

DeSantis says he will gladly accept federal funds to build High Speed Rail, but only once Trump is declared the permanent president of the United States.

“But until that happens, all you fuckers have to just put up with I-4, I-95 and I-75.” Said DeSantis who was then heard smashing a beer bottle, screaming and then hanging up.

Josh Santos

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