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DeSantis lifts Florida mask requirements, even for surgeons/hazmat

DeSantis unmasked

Last week Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state would be moving to Phase 3 and lifting penalties for those not following COVID mask mandates. At the time it was unclear what power local governments still had and how different types of businesses were affected. In a statement earlier today, Florida’s Governor gave some clarity.

“People in Florida don’t want to wear masks so who am I to tell them otherwise? This is America, and along with ensuring Florida businesses have the ability to thrive, I want to ensure that every Floridian is able exercise their rights to do whatever it was that masks were preventing,” said Desantis at the press conference.

When a reporter asked which businesses will be affected, the Governor responded, “All of them. Even people that wore masks before COVID. Do you want me to tell our firefighters they are required to wear a respirator when entering a smoke filled building like 9/11 never happened? I never forgot so I can’t do that to them.”

When another reporter asked if this includes surgeons, lab techs and people who work around hazardous chemicals, DeSantis became clearly agitated, “Did you hear me? What does ‘all’ mean? Yes of course. That’s why doctors pay malpractice insurance. OSHA is just a bunch Marxist pussies trying to turn workers communist and I won’t have that in our great state. If the guy at the marina repairing my yacht wants to hold his breath like an America man while he welds underwater, I won’t take that away from him. SCUBA sounds a lot like Cuba to me and we are not going to have a missile crisis on my watch!”

Governor DeSantis then kicked over the podium he was speaking from, ran to his car and sped off.