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Emotionally dominate your peers

Emotionally Dominate Your Peers

Some situations in life may require you to emotionally dominate those around you, and with these military-grade techniques, you can easily emotionally dominate any room of your peers.

5. Get loud

When you talk loud and project loudly, the rest of the room will take note. Subtly scare others with the volume of your voice. As the decibels raise, they’re confidence to conquer you will fall. When you’re the loudest in the room, people will subconsciously begin to believe you are the alpha because you have the audacity to be speaking so loud. Sure to make you the center of attention no matter what the scenario.

4. Expose your vulnerability

By leaving yourself completely vulnerable at all times, you’re showing a lot of dumb confidence, exuding a feeling of such serene comfort, that you’re not worried about anyone ever compromising you. Walk around in brightly-colored robes and kimonos in sandals with minimal foot-protection, in only your boxers. Sprawl out on the floor in public and squirm around. Stretch and do yoga wherever you are for long moments at a time, leaving your loins and your head/chest completely exposed. This shows the rest of the room that you’re not afraid of anything.

3. Overshare

Nothing can hurt you if you tell everyone all of your deepest darkest secrets immediately after meeting them. If you put it all on the table, then no one can use anything you’ve said against you because you’ve given them all the ammo. You’re handing someone the gun and saying “shoot me whenever you want.” That’s a special kind of emotional dominance, stemming from a submissive side. Become so weak and feeble that you’re actually the most powerful one in the room now. It’s a full circle. Can’t be hurt when you have nothing to lose.

2. Beg for pain

By displaying no fear of pain and actively asking for it from others, you’ll show that not only can you not be hurt, but this is what will happen if you try. Show that their strongest attacks can not hurt you be letting them hit you with all their might. If you can withstand their blows then you’re showing that there’s no point in even trying, because you will not be beaten. This is what I did one night on “Are You The One?” I got so drunk and asked people to hit me to show the house how tough I was and people did hit me and I was able to quickly rise the ranks in social status based on craziness alone. People are very unlikely to challenge a crazy person, because they know it will not go well.

1. Be pure and talented

When you’re undeniably gifted in most facets of life, people will naturally be intimidated by your greatness. With this method, not only do you not have to do anything immoral or disturbing, but it the emotional domination will also be accompanies by love. People will be on their best behavior around you at all times because they want to impress you. Michael Jordan, Leonardo Dicaprio, Barack Obama, Tones and I, are all examples of this existence of blessings. Odds are you’re also bringing great joy to the world because of your gifts, so when you give back to the community, or humanity as a whole, your peers are more likely to be submissive out of their admiration for you.

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