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Every Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction Ranked

Tampa News Force’s newest owner, Taylor Swift, is known for being very wholesome and only doing nasty stuff for people she is romantically involved with. So today, we are counting down the best times her wardrobe didn’t comply with her.

5. Early Elbow Reveal

Taylor Swift is known for never showing her elbows, a part of her body she calls more sensitive than her privates. Swift has gone as far as to pay large sums of money to remove close-up images of her elbow that were captured by paparazzi.

4. That One Time She Showed Ankle

Taylor Swift is known for wearing very unrevealing clothes, like cardigans and other full-coverage pieces of clothing. During one of her many costume changes at a recent concert, Swift accidentally revealed her ankle before she could put a sock on. This slip-up was caught on film and is available for our premium Patreon subscribers for a minimal upcharge.

3. Wrong Shoes

While going out to walk her dogs, Swift accidentally wore running shoes instead of walking shoes. What the hell is wrong with her? Anyway, we got photos available for our Premium Plus Patreon subscribers.

2. Are Those Her Real Teeth?

While eating at the Tampa Famous, Bo’s Ice Cream, Taylor Swift removed her dentures before downing a large amount of soft serve ice cream. The video of this incident is only available for Tampa News Force board members, which is one of the levels of sponsorship you can purchase on our Tampa News Force Sponsor Page.

1. Hacked Photos of Taylor Swift Without Bangs

Taylor Swift is known for rocking great bangs, a look she has copyrighted and trademarked. Some of the best photos of her without bangs can only be accessed by becoming a Tampa News Force 50% owner. For a cool $1,000,000, you can own this publication and learn all about the stuff we can’t legally publish on our website.

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