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Fireworks & Strip Clubs Museum opens in Largo

Stripper and Fireworks museum opens

A museum celebrating the history of strip clubs and fireworks opened in Largo yesterday to an enthusiastic crowd of locals. The state-of-the-art facility takes guests on an immersive tour through multiple corridors, beginning with a simulated cornfield in which the first fireworks were invented in 1832 China.

Later in the tour, guests are introduced to the first strippers from the Tahitian islands in 1644, where women would remove clothing and dance provocatively as part of an ancient fertility dance, asking the gods to bless them with children.

Once the museum-goers have gotten through the entire history of fireworks and strippers separately, the tour ends in a combined strip club/fireworks store, where guests have the opportunity to throw and shoot fireworks at strippers for a fee based on what kind of fireworks they chose to throw. 

“The fireworks are meant to inspire the dancers to dance harder,” says firework and stripper curator for the museum, Reginald Anderson.

“I’ve been around strippers and fireworks for over 65 years.” Anderson says. “I’ve seen every kind of colorful explosion and flappy feminine lip meat there is to see, I helped bring all of this together! It was a very long process, but I love my job, and I love the people I work with.” Anderson continued.

The firework/strip club crossover is the first of its kind in Florida and copies a format currently used in Taiwan, which his highly controversial, but has received rave reviews on TripAdvisor.

Entry to the museum will be on a donation basis, giving customers the opportunity to decide how valuable this experience is to them. The museum is expected to get shutdown within a year due to it’s extremely dangerous experience, however the founders of the museum are well versed in firework and strip club law, and know that they can drag out the legal process for at least a year or so, giving the citizens of Largo plenty of time to enjoy the attractions before the inevitable shutdown.

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