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Get paid to watch Tik Tok

Get paid to watch Tik Tok

Tik Tok is the hottest app on the market, and with these easy tips, you can get paid to use it.

3. Get an unmonitored job

By working a gig that is relatively unmonitored, you can scroll your Tik Tok feed while getting paid. Usually a trust-based job is best, maybe something given to you by a family friend who won’t hound you throughout the day. Find a place where your back is to the wall so no one can come behind you and see what you’re doing. By working in a place with lax rules, you can get paid to watch Tik Tok videos.

2. Work for Tik Tok

By getting a job with Tik Tok, specifically as a quality control officer, you will be paid directly for watching Tik Tok videos. This is definitely one of the best ways to make this dream come true of getting paid to use Tik Tok. Apply at Tik Tok headquarters then perform well at your job interview, and just like that, you will be getting paid to watch Tik Tok.

1. Be retired

If you’re retired you get a monthly stipend either from the government or you’re final place of employment. If you’re getting money every month without doing work (even though you did technically put in the work to receive the money) you will have the ability to watch Tik Tok videos and get paid while also doing nothing. This is the ultimate dream job. Get paid, watch Tik Tok videos, don’t do anything else. It requires the effort of living to an age of retirement though, so it can be a bit tricky.

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