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How to enjoy warm beer


Sometimes the only option for alcohol consumption is warm beer. These are the top ways to enjoy warm beer.

3. Drink it fast

The faster you drink warm beer, the less you will suffer through the unpleasant taste of it’s warmness. Drinking it fast will ensure that you minimize the amount of time it’s in your mouth, and going down your throat. The faster you drink it, the less negative feelings you will encounter.

2. Skunk it

Warm beer is already gross, but by leaving it in the sun, or just outside of a refrigerator for days will cause it to “skunk” as the kids say, essentially rendering it rotten or expired. Once it’s rotten, the extra taste will now be something reminiscent of an IPA. The new taste will distract from the temperature of the liquid, thus causing it to be more enjoyable.

1. Mix it


It doesn’t matter what you mix it with, it’s a fact that our brain and taste buds enjoy variety. The more ingredients there are, the more of a kick you’ll get from the drink. Things like Gatorade or Vodka are good liquids to mix with warm beer to increase it’s enjoyability. Don’t be scared to try natural options too, such as dirt or mud. Dirty, muddy warm beer can actually come out much better than you would expect.

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