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Hillsborough County School Teacher Accused of Camming During E-Learning Class

A geography teacher at Strawberry Crest High School in Hillsborough County is in hot water today after students say she was performing sexual acts on camera while they were taking an exam.

“It’s hard to afford to live on a teacher salary alone,” said Sandy Ditties, who also goes by the handle Ms.NaughtyBiNature on the popular camming website Chaturbate. “While conducting my classes on the Zoom, I sometimes will assign work and then disable my camera while I do my thing for strangers.”

Ditties invited us to her home and gave us a tour of her office set-up. “As you can see, one side is devoted exclusively to schoolwork, so I tried to make this look like my classroom at school,” she said in a very naughty manner.  “And this side is my fully equipped sex dungeon.”

The sex dungeon was an exact replica of the red room in the popular Ybor City goth nightclub, The Castle, except all the chairs had dildos on them.

“Please have a seat anywhere you’d like,” said Ditties as she sat down with me for an extended hour-long interview.  During our conversations we discussed a number of topics ranging from the recent decision to conduct virtual classes only for the start of the incoming school year and the state’s decision to stop all that because of reasons.

I agreed that we should send all our kids back to school because I hate children and I think they all deserve to die, along with teachers, but Ditties had her own reasons.

“I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to do my cam shows at school, the internet connections there are unreliable, and the children are always watching,” she said in an exasperated tone of voice.

“Isn’t that what got you into this mess?” I quipped slyly.

Ditties laughed and did finger guns at me while laughing at my quip, this triggered me because I watched that movie Apocalypse Now a bunch of times and I threw my chair at her before diving out of her bedroom window.  I landed on the hood of her neighbors’ car, breaking many bones in the process.

Schools are looking for safer ways to conduct classes this year, but they are warning teachers that they should refrain from stripping for extra money during school hours.