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Hitler’s mom would have aborted him if not for abortion laws

Aborted Hitler

In a new bombshell discovery regarding Hitler’s mother’s diaries, the deceased former leader of Germany’s mother was planning to terminate the pregnancy if it were not for strict Austrian abortion laws.

“I just have a really bad feeling about this baby” read an entry from Adelaide Hitler, Adolph’s mother.

“I feel it squirming around my abdomen and it just kind of gives me a bad energy, like it could one day grow up to murder millions of a certain ethnic background, that which I can’t quite place my finger on.” Read the diary entry.

“I really want to get rid of this child, but the abortion laws here in Austria are very rigid and they will not allow me to get rid of it, so all I can do is pray that my feelings are wrong and hope that the baby does not come out as a demonstrative megalomaniac.” Concluded the journal posting.

As we know, her feelings were completely valid, and Adolph Hitler grew up to me one of the most notably negative people in the world’s history.

This story can serve as a warning to future humanity who are considering strict abortion laws.

You never know when your child could be the next Adolph Hitler, so if you have a feeling that it might be, it’s probably best to follow your gut and abort if you have the opportunity.

Or don’t, I can’t tell you anything, if you think every whatever deserves live then that’s your ideology and I’m not going to change it in one fake news article.

Although, you should consider how much more money you have for yourself. 

If you have a baby you probably can’t afford da hot tub and build that crossbow range you were planning on constructing in your front yard. 

You will have to kiss those dreams goodbye for at least 18 years, and even then, tomorrow is not promised, so if you don’t seize your dreams now, you could lose out on those opportunities.

Or you can be one of those people who “lives through their child” and forces their kids to do the things they wish they did as a kid.

You can really do whatever you want!

Except get an abortion in some states soon.

Your body your choice, most of the time.

Sometimes not.

Anyways, if you want to send Adelaide Hitler a note, she’s still alive in Austria and loves fan mail, so feel free to reach out to her and ask her your own personal questions at 19488 Jackoff Lane, Northbourne, Austria 99029.

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