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How to Move to Tampa Bay

A guide on how to move to Tampa Bay

Economist estimate that over 900 people are moving to Florida every day, and to those who decide to settle in the Tampa Bay, we would like to say Hello!

For those thinking about moving here, check out or tips on how to make Tampa, Florida your new home. 

#5 Finding a Job

Congratulations on deciding to live in Tampa Bay, but how are you going to afford to live in this place without a job? Well thankfully we’ve got plenty of those because Rick Scott, the man responsible for the Red Tide, told us to get to work, and if you look hard enough you might be able to find two of those job things that pay the minimum wage of $8.46 an hour.

#4 Finding a place to live

The Tampa Bay area has housing suitable for all budgets, especially if your budget begins at around $1300 – anything less and you’re better off just living in your car, speaking of which

#3 Figuring out your commute

Now that you have a job and a place to stay, it’s time to find the fastest way to get to and from so that you can maximize the number of hours you have outside of work.

Thankfully, Apollo Beach Resident Robert Emerson and Hillsborough County Commissioner Stacy White want to make your commute much longer than it has to be,

They also want you to drive over potholes everywhere you go, so if you hate the traffic here, make sure you let Mr. Emerson and Commissioner Stacy know how you feel. 

#2 Finding Friends

Moving to a new place is scary, and at times it may seem like you’re the only person outside or at any given establishment.  Thankfully, Tampa is very inclusive and whatever you like to do, you will find a group of people who like that stuff too.

#1 Finding Romance

This might not be applicable to the majority of people who move here with families, but whether you’re a single adult looking to mingle, or a couple looking to find other couples to share STDs with, then this is the best place in America to be doing any of that stuff. 

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