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How to Outrun the Cops in Tampa

It might always seem like the police are out to get you, and they are! So outrun them, with these handy tips.

5. Have a fast car with Spy Hunter Gear

The 80s vehicular combat arcade machine Spy Hunter had a vehicle that could release smoke screens, drop oil slicks, blast rockets and shoot machine guns.  With these modifications to an existing vehicle capable of driving over 140 MPH, escaping the police by car chase is a sure bet.

4.  Have them Chase You During Rush Hour

If traffic is a standstill, the police can’t chase after you because they won’t be going anywhere. Driving down a few side roads will surely make them lose track of you.

3.  Have them Chase You On Foot

Most of the police in Florida are out of shape and can barely run.   If they can run, they will be severely hindered by the amount of stuff they carry.

2.  Make sure the helicopter runs out of fuel before abandoning your vehicle

Sometimes, it might seem like the coast is clear, but the police can still be tracking you by helicopter.  Thankfully, it is easy to look up live helicopter flying data, and if you suspect that the police are using one to track you, simply search for the N411TP helicopter on Flightaware.  They can only be in the air for so long before having to refuel.

1.  Don’t Do Anything Illegal

Being a good citizen of Tampa Bay is the best way to avoid being chased by the police.  Unless you are poor or a minority, in which case, be sure to stay away from places where people with money would be congregating.

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