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Hurricane turns out to be 3 loose dogs

A meteorologist has been fired after incorrectly identifying a pack of dogs as a category 4 hurricane.

“I was in the radar booth on mescaline, like I normally am, and I heard some loud noises and I just figured it was a hurricane, so I wrote on the prompt that a category 4 hurricane was coming and then they read that on air, and then that caught on with the other stations, so suddenly everyone was telling the public that a cat-4 hurricane was coming.” Said Benny Mussolini, Junior Weather Analyst over at KBPD News channel 19.

“I immediately realized it was just a wild pack of dogs outside of the studio, but it was too late, it was already read on air that it was a hurricane coming, so I designed some fake spaghetti models, and threw those out, to cover my lie. Luckily, it happened to rain the day that I said the hurricane was coming, so everything worked out and people just assumed the hurricane moved. That’s what people always figure when nothing happens.” Vapidly explained Mussolini as he pushed up his large nerd-glasses.

“I’m definitely going to be fired for sharing this information with you, but you are my mescaline dealer, and I don’t have any money today, so I told you I would instead substitute money with a juicy news story, because I know you’re a news guy, and you need stories.” The poor drug addict admitted.

“Yes, that is true, I do need these news stories.” I said, then I sold him the mescaline. 

John Jacobs

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