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Is this Tampa’s burning man?

Tampa's Burning Man

A homeless man has been throwing garbage into a trash fire late at night and the smoke has been coming in through my cracked window. I want to close the window, but my AC is broken so it’s the only air I can get flowing through the house, plus my ceiling fan is missing two blades so it makes this weird squeak noise, and if I keep that on I definitely need a little other ambient sound to distract me from that, so I need to keep the window open, but the smoke keeps flowing in, so what should I do?

So is this homeless man burning Trash Tampa’s burning man festival? Is this the closest thing we have? I’m asking you. That’s why the headline is a question. I want an answer and I need your help. Thank you.

John Jacobs

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  1. Avatar pablo on April 19, 2021 at 2:57 pm

    Could it have been Mars Burning Woman that took place 69 ‘lite’ years BC. Although slightly faded I could smell a tinge of fine fragrant odorama #3 here in St. Pete, even with the with the windows open and A/C running. It’s hard to put a nose on it but then aren’t most things.

    Could it be that Ingenuity stirred up a bit more Martian dust than NASA publicized? Hey, I’d buy a ticket. If it happens to be Tampa’s Burning Man let’s talk trash. Please let us know what you find out and thanks for the breaking news.