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Largest mobilization of emergency services in Clearwater history responds to small fire


A fire at a medical marijuana dispensary in Clearwater last Thursday resulted in an unprecedented urgent response from local emergency service providers.

“All units, all units. Be advised, there’s a fire at a weed store on 19. This is it, everybody! The big one! All y’all! This is the one we’ve all dreamed of. Everybody go, go, go!!”

Official dispatch message sent out via emergency communication channels

“Oh hell yeah!”

Official response from various emergency respondents

Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department crews were dispatched to the fire at MÜV Dispensary at 29901 US Hwy 19 North. In addition, police, ambulances, municipal services, parking regulation, sanitation, parks & recreation, code enforcement, maintenance & janitorial, school crossing guards, health & human services and five dudes in a Camaro were among other agencies that also responded.

“I’ll, um… I’ll come back later,” said Rafiq Shaheen, one of the dispensary’s loyal customers. “Yeah, looks like everybody is… really busy right now.”

A spokesperson said the flames were contained to the outside of the building, with no fire extending into the building itself.

“There was definitely a tremendous amount of smoke billowing out of the building,” said Clearwater firefighter Carl Hott. “But yeah, that turned out to be unrelated to the fire.”

“Uhh, like, what are you guys doing?” said Rita Blaise the dispensary’s manager.

After the incident was completely resolved, all the agencies listed above were closed for the remainder of the day.

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