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Leader of ISIS cancelled for racist tweet

Tara Rist

The current leader of the Islamic terrorist organization, ISIS, Tara Rist is under fire after a past Tweet resurfaced in which the figurehead was bashing the Swedish community.

“The Swedes are anything but Sweet.” The Tweet read.

“If it were up to me, they would all drown with those damn gummy fish they created.”

When originally posted the Tweet got 0 likes and 1 share, which caused Rist to delete the Tweet 2 days later in June 1997.

“People mess up some times.” Rist said.

“If I could go back and change my behavior and not Tweet that, I would.” Rist continued.

“I plot terror attacks and have people executed on an almost hourly basis, however I understand that sometimes words speak louder than actions, and in this case, I screwed myself in the long run, and am most likely going to lose my position here at ISIS.” Rist remorsefully explained.

“My fellow terror-mates can barely look me in the eye and I know their smiles are fake and they’re just waiting for me to lose my job.” Said Rist.

“It’s whatever, worse comes to worst I will get a job in either the Democratic or Republican party as a speech writer. I know a lot of those guys, they’re pretty cool, we play Duplox together online sometimes, it’s a word game with a Tetris-like twist one of my developer buddies made and we’ve been beta testing all together, it’s really fun. They don’t care about my Tweets, because I will be behind the scenes and no one will know I’m working with them anyway, so most likely that’s my next career move. A lateral one.” Rist hopefully divulged.

ISIS has issued numerous apology posts on various social media platforms after Rist’s old Tweet resurfaced.

“We cause problems for people that deserve them, not those that don’t.” The official ISIS Twitter Tweeted.

“Tara Rist’s beliefs do not reflect the ones of our organization.” The Tweet concluded.

Recruiting numbers for the terrorist organization have fallen since the offensive Tweet has resurfaced.

“I was ready to give my life to the cause, but ever since I saw their leader didn’t like Swedish people, well… I just don’t know anymore.” Said Murr Derer in a public post on Instagram. 

Many others have posted similar sentiments since the Tweet has come to light, and the PR nightmare for ISIS may continue to be detrimental to their recruiting numbers in the future.

Tampa News Force will never follow up on this story, as it is not relevant to Tampa and is also barely qualifiable as news.

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