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Loud guy finally shuts the fuck up for 2 seconds

Shut The Fuck Up

That loud guy who won’t shut the fuck up finally shutted the fuck up today in a move that’s made everyone around very happy. 

“Yea, you know the guy.” Said that other guy.

“The one who… talks loud as fuck and won’t shut the fuck up. He finally stopped! Yes, thank God!” The other guy rejoiced.

Everyone has been much happier since the guy shut the fuck up, and the happiness has lead other people to start talking way too fucking loud.

“I think we might need to ask one of these other people to shut the fuck up soon.” Said a different guy.

“Yea I think that too.” Said a really loud girl.

“I’m surprised you would want that, because you’re actually pretty loud yourself.” Said an even louder guy to the loud girl.

“I think both of you should shut the fuck up.” Said a group of quiet people in unison. 

Then the loud people threw rocks at the quiet people and that kind of shut up everyone else in the group.

Then the loud people got even louder and started pushing each other and stuff.

Then someone quiet who was much bigger from a different place showed up and actually physically made the new loud people shut the fuck up, then he left on some sort of futuristic scooter device.

John Jacobs

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