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Mayor Jane Castor Threatening Tampa Citizens with Spankings if they Don’t Comply with Mask Law

Mayor Castor Going to Spank You

The Mayor of Tampa wants you to know you’re being really naughty.

“If I catch you outside, not wearing a mask, your ass is going to pay for it,” said Mayor Jane Castor speaking directly to reporters outside of City Hall.  “If you want to protect your fellow citizens, wear a mask. If you want me to bend you over, pull your pants down, and spank you, don’t wear a mask.”

All of the reporters near me who were wearing a mask, took them off in an attempt to test the limits of the new order. The Mayor watched intently and counted all the people who she would eventually need to give a spanking to.

She then abruptly ended her conference, ripped off her suit to reveal a full Dominatrix outfit. Mayor Castor then rounded up everyone not wearing a mask and gave us all very painful spankings.

As of this writing I have put my mask back on and plead with you all to wear one as well, lest you feel her wrath.